Corporate Membership

Corporate (Business) Membership

offered by Chaparral Golf & Country Club
This special membership offering is specifically designed with business people in mind.   This unique membership for corporations or small business owners enables the business to offer complimentary golf outings to customers, other business associates, managers or staff members, potential customers or friends.   Each business member under this Corporate Membership has 365 rounds of golf per year per member that can be used by the owner or by other players that the business owner designates.
Corporate Membership requires a minimum of 2 members in their group but may expand that number of members under their corporate name to 3, 4 or more members.  The corporation/business may have as many “members” as they want.   The corporate owner will be the controlling manager of their own Chaparral membership.   Each day they may give complimentary rounds of golf to anyone they choose.   Additionally, that player will be considered a Chaparral member and may have membership access to the club house restaurant, member lounge and member pool.
A Corporate Membership is not just about golf but includes food services, social activities and a place for relaxation with friends and colleagues.   It also offers opportunities for business meetings away from the office.
Chaparral will have the designated number of golf pass cards for each day on file.   The Corporate membership owner does not have to accompany their guest to the club.   The owner may simply call and inform the starter that they have a guest or guests coming for the day.   If they have more than 2 members, they may host up to that many player/guests per day.  Or they may simply go on line as a member and reserve the tee time of their choice.   The guest may be a golfer or your guest may just come for a swim or just to relax in the member’s lounge.   One call and the Chaparral staff will take care of your guest.
Fees and Amenities of a Corporate Membership:
Two Member Corporate Membership:  $2,400 annually
  • 730 rounds of golf per year (2 rounds per day for 365 days)
  • Membership lounge for corporate owner or guest
  • Membership Pool:  April through September 9 am to 9 pm up 8 guest per day
  • Social Event or Pool Party:  Corporate Members may schedule activities with no facility fee.  Food and Beverage services per member pricing. This includes holiday events such as office Christmas Parties, Business Awards-Rewards Events, Employee Appreciation Events, etc
  • Business Breakfast/Luncheon or Meetings:  Corporate Member may schedule meetings with no facility fee.  Food and Beverage services at member discount pricing.  
  • Chaparral can accommodate from 4 to 160 for any business/social event. 
  • Member Lounge Trophy Room:  Business breakfast/luncheon, limit 24
  • Conference Room:  For meetings, breakfast/luncheon service, limit 12
  • Sand Trap Conference Rm:  For meetings/social events, breakfast/luncheon service, limit 60
  • Patio/Pool Deck:  For meetings/social events, no food service on pool deck, limit 60
  • Combination Sand Trap Room, Patio and Pool:  120+ guests
  • Main Club House Room:  limit 110
  • Corporate Golf Outings: Special membership green fees rates apply
Corporate Membership Add On Members:
Membership owner may add additional members to their group beyond the two member minimum. $1,000 per added member
Corporate Membership with 3 Members: $3,400 (1,085 golf rounds)
                                                with 4 Members: $4,400 (1,465 golf rounds)
                                                with  5 Members: $5,400 (1,825 golf rounds)
                                                each additional member add $1,000
Fees are paid annually at time of application.  Corporate owner may add additional members to their group during the membership year, but may not reduce the number of members during the membership year.  All fees for membership are paid in advance for the one year membership.  Add on members are $1,000 till the end of the membership year, not prorated.   Board approval is required for all applications. 
Corporate Member owner may apply for credit with CCC, Inc.   With approved Credit Application, the guests of the Corporate Membership may charges food and beverages to the Corporate Membership account and the payment of all charges is the responsibility of the Corporation Membership.   All corporate charges are due 10 days after month end invoicing date.   Non-payment could require forfeiture of Membership privileges until account is fully paid.   Repeated delinquencies in timely payment of charges could result in permanent ban and forfeiture of the membership without refund.
Chaparral member rules and club etiquette standards apply to Corporate Membership Owner and all guest under this membership.   Chaparral may refuse service to any owner or guest that violates the club rules or standards as established by the Board of Directors of CCC, Inc.   The conduct of all guests are the responsibility of the Corporate Membership owner.
To be eligible to purchase a Corporate or Business Membership, the owner or owner representative must produce Corporation Commission or Secretary of State or other legal proof that they are a legitimate ‘Business’.   CCC, Inc. reserves the right to refuse membership to any group or individual cause as long as it does not violate any state or federal laws associated with discrimination.
Applications are available at Chaparral Golf & Country Club office, Pro Shop or from any Board Member.  Chaparral is a member owned, member operated business, established in 1968.  We appreciate your business and appreciate your support of our business through your membership.